Baby elephant at our front gate in KNP

Baby Animals and endangered Species – Tales of the Trailcam

This week’s edition of Tales of the Trailcam features footage from both our front gate and an undisclosed location in the bush. Steven took the camera to work with him for a few days. And as much as I am always happy to see him when he gets home, I am almost just as excited to see the Trailcam again!;-) We have captured some lovely baby animals on our camera this week!


Steven put the camera up close to water. If you by any chance recognize the spot, please keep it to yourself in order to keep our precious rhino’s safe! I love the footage of the two rhino’s drinking. And the impala baby is just adorable too. It really is fantastic to capture the animals as they go about their normal animal business!


Then I also had the camera up at the house for a few days. The Marula fruit in our garden is almost finished, but there is a tree just outside our fence that still has lots. So the elephants are still around! The other day I had a cow and calf almost break down the gate at the lapa side of the garden, while a whole breeding herd wanted to come in the front gate! Clever tactics from the elephants!!


Personally, I could watch baby elephants for hours! Aren’t they just the cutest things on the planet? Especially when they try to do things with their trunks as the grown-up elephants do! I was watching this tiny calf at our front gate from inside the house. I was hoping the Trailcam was recording it as it was scratching himself and throwing some dust on its little back. See for yourself in the video I posted on our YouTube channel:


Steven is doing back to back trails this week and the Trailcam is with him. Let’s see what Tales it has to tell when he brings it home! I will make sure to kiss him first before I check the footage! ;-))


Have a lovely week everyone!


xxx, Linda

4 thoughts on “Baby Animals and endangered Species – Tales of the Trailcam

  1. Lovely footage. I enjoyed the rhinos and the sound they made at the water, but the baby ellie capped it with those wonderful attempts at scratching an itch; too cute. Looking forward to seeing what comes up on the next episode after Steven’s back-to-backs. . . .


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