On the Beaten Track

On The Beaten Track – Tales of The Trailcam

It has been a while since we last had a Tales of The Trailcam. Steven is a bit scared to put our one trailcamera at the waterhole since the hyenas love eating them so much. And I have been getting memory card after memory card full of impalas feeding on the jackal berries at our gate on my new Browning. So the trail cameras did not have many new tales to tell. Until last week, when Steven got creative and put it up on a well travelled game path somewhere in Kruger. Let’s just say he put the camera on the beaten track!


Because boy it was a coming and going on that path! Very lovely to see all the different species using the path. Steven also found a buffalo carcass and put the camera up there one night. The hyenas look so skittish around the carcass. I wonder why… Maybe they stole the kill from the lions and they were afraid they were going to come back? Have a look at the video on our YouTube channel:



If you like Trailcam videos like the one I just posted, you might want to join the Facebook Group ‘Trailcamming in Southern Africa‘. Please don’t forget to answer the two questions from us admin when you do.


Our trail camera spent the week on the beaten track. And while it was there, Steven, the children and I spent a day off the beaten track. I will post that blog on Thursday, so please stay tuned!


Have a lovely week everyone!


xxx, Lin

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