Our most spectacular trail cam footage yet!

Our most Spectacular Trail Cam Footage yet!

Steven got home from his fifth back to back Wilderness Trail on Saturday with a memory card full of videos. And not just any footage. I can honestly say that I think it is our most spectacular trail cam footage yet!


On one of his walks, Steven sadly discovered a rhino carcass. Steven thinks it died of natural causes, but it was a very sad sight. It always is when one of the parks iconic animals dies. There was lots of scavenger activity around the carcass and Steven decided to put the trail camera up there.


Now the footage honestly is amazing. Turn up the volume! And listen to the hyenas calling each other and squabbling over the food. Listen to the vultures’ screeches and the flapping of their wings. Yes, it is sad to see one of our rhino’s like that. But death is also part of nature. And the video below is a great example of the circle of life. And although it might not be for sensitive viewers, it is just too amazing not to share.


But it doesn’t end with the hyenas and vultures. Steven got some great videos at the waterhole too! An elephant that chased a hyena away aaaaaannnnddddd…… a beautiful male lion!!! I saved that for right at the end of the video. Isn’t he gorgeous? Love how he is rubbing his head on the fresh elephant dung! I have seen wild dogs roll around in elephant poop, but I have not seen that behaviour in lions before. Great to see it on our trail cam!

Have a lovely week everyone!


xxx, Linda





6 thoughts on “Our most Spectacular Trail Cam Footage yet!

  1. Morning Linda
    It says this video is private so won’t let me view.
    2 more sleeps and I’m in my beloved Kruger
    Have a fab day

  2. Stunning! Wonderful sounds and lots of interesting fringe activity going on. I was astounded when the hyenas left and the carcass was engulfed by vultures in a couple of seconds! Wow – five back-to-backs. Steven must be exhausted! x

  3. Fabulous footage Linda, my dog was also staring intently at the footage of the hyenas feasting on the carcass, something he’s never seen before !

  4. Oh that was amazing footage! Seemed calm yet on alert. The birds never give up, and the hyenas are casual but vigilant. The birds don’t seem as aggressive as what we saw in the daytime on our safari. Really great footage, thanks!

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