African Civet

A first for me: African Civet! Tales of the Trailcam

When Steven got home from his trail on Saturday, he brought back some amazing footage! And the first time we got this animal on our trailcam: an African Civet! I have been hoping to get one of these shy nocturnal animals on our camera, but the footage Steven got last week is absolutely spectacular!


I always believed these animals liked to keep away from humans, but Steven has been seeing this boy around his trails camp often! So he put our Trailcam up at a place he frequents and well, just wow! The African Civet is all over, up and down, sniffing the ground, sniffing the camera! For minutes he is allowing us a good look of an animal you don’t see very often! There is even some footage of a little genet! Have a look at the video I made! I hope you love it as much as I do! ( Please ignore the time stamp! I forgot to set it again after I charged the batteries!)

Unfortunately, there is something not lekker with my new Technaxx mini Trail camera’s sound. I tested it by talking directly into the microphone and I can barely hear anything. I think you will agree with me that the sounds of the bush is one of the things that is so nice about the trailcam footage. Especially if your heart longs for Kruger! So I have decided to send it back to Holland. Which is a total bummer. I will have to save up for another, better quality camera!


Have a lovely week everyone!


xxx, Linda



11 thoughts on “A first for me: African Civet! Tales of the Trailcam

  1. Absolutely stunning footage of the African Civet and the slinky genet. Thanks Linda and Steve

  2. Oh Linda, that is amazing! I can just imagine how excited you were to see what was on the Trailcam when Steven brought it back. We’ve only ever seen a civet once in the early morning in Kruger, but it wasn’t a brilliant sighting – this one is superb! I wonder what it was trying to chomp on just below the cam. Such a pretty little genet. And those flights of moths coming through the bush behind the civet like confetti were wonderful too. It all made the most exceptional night scene.
    I’m really sorry about the Technaxx. I know how excited you were when it first arrived – so disappointing but I’m glad you are returning it and I hope you will ultimately get just what you want in terms of your second cam.


    1. Hi Sal!!

      I just love getting glimpses into the lives of these nocturnal creatures. And I could just watch this civet for hours. I really need to find someone to watch the boys so I can finally do a trail with Steven again!
      Ja it is a pity. Bushnell promised to sponsor me a trailcam, but I haven’t heard anything in a while…Fingers crossed! See you next month! xx

  3. What a special sighting! We’ve been blessed with seeing these beauties on the farm, as well as serval and large-spotted genet. Love your blogs Linda!

  4. Hi Linda

    No need to sent your camera back to Holland! Easily available in SA and excellent picture quality and sound as well.

    Love your site!

    1. Thanks, Philip!
      I know there are great cameras available here. But I need a refund for the one that is not working lekker and it was bought in Holland;-)
      Next one I’ll get here. Much easier if something is not right with it!

  5. Amazing stuff! Who knew the civets were so curious? I’ve seen one only once – beautiful animals, and much heavier-bodied than you would expect. Keep those trailcam videos coming!!! 🙂

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