A hyena takes a bite out of my camera!

Don’t worry! It still works! But ja… Steven brought my Trailcam back from the bush with hyena slobber all over it, a tooth mark on the top and a crack in the plastic that covers the lights. I am not sure if that is going to affect the camera’s waterproof-ness. I will put a bit of tape over it to prevent water damage!


But the hyena trying to take a bite out of my camera has produced some humorous and unique Trailcam footage! You can hear it grunting and groaning as it is trying to get his jaws around my poor camera. Very funny mister hyena, now leave my camera in one piece, please!


If the hyena attack wasn’t enough, my poor Trailcam then had to endure some abuse by my monkey neighbors. Maybe I should write them another letter to discuss this…;-)


From the kitchen window, I was watching the monkeys frolic around just outside the gate. I got some lovely footage of that and up close and personal footage of a monkey licking off the hyena spit? I am not sure why my camera looks or smells so tasty this week. Someone suggested putting some chilly paste or hot mustard on the camera to protect it from curious animal pallets. I will have to try something. I just don’t want to turn it into a tasty snack;-)


After the monkeys played with and in front of the gate a bit, they all left to forage. They returned only minutes later, running for their lives! Some of them climbed on top of our fence; others made their way inside and fled up a few tall trees. I could hear a squirrel alarm calling in the distance. My immediate thought was that a hyena probably spooked the monkeys and they came running back to our garden as a safe – and hyena proof – part of their world.


I was absolutely right! A few seconds later a hyena appeared. And the Trailcam caught him as well. He is quite far, but see if you can ‘spot’ him. Pun intended!!


I hope you enjoy the new Tales of the Trailcam video I loaded on my YouTube channel!

Have a lovely week everyone!


Xx, Linda



6 thoughts on “A hyena takes a bite out of my camera!

  1. Dear Linda,
    It has come to our attention that you have some concerns regarding our interest in your big shiny hard thing sitting outside the gate. In the interests of good relations we should like to point out the following; first, this is an invader; it hasn’t lived here, as we have done, for ever and we need to check it out. To start with, we gave it a wide berth, but since it didn’t respond we have been moving closer and closer to get some idea of its presence here. Second it has a rather interesting, ripe and sticky smell. Maybe its edible in some way. I must say, licking it gave no pleasure. Eeeuuuw. But we’ll keep testing if it keeps giving out these tantlising odours. Maybe if you put something on that we don’t like, we’ll leave it alone. However, if you really want to please us, could you cover it in that chocolate stuff we had once before? Now that we really enjoyed . . . .

    Warm wishes

    Monkey-around Group #436
    Malelane Gate

    1. Dear Monkey-around group #436,

      Thank you so much for your kind letter. Let me explain a vit about that shiney thing on the gate. It is a box that takes videos in the night.

      I use it to check if there are any dangerous aninals around. So when you are sleeping high up in the trees, there is an extra eye out for your safety.

      It is not going to taste any better. And you are welcome to check out the images I captured, but please don’t break it ok!

      It is a good thing to have around!

      Have a lovely day!


  2. Wauw Linda. Geweldige beelden. Die apen…… zo funny. Bedankt voor alle mooie beelden en je geweldige schrijfkunst. I love it. Dianne

  3. Animals are fascinated by your trailcam. Glad it is still in one piece. Loved the vervets. For a moment I was there again. Thanks

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