an empty bridge at Malalane Gate during the Corona virus pandemic

On Lock-Down inside Kruger National Park – Day 14

The Coronavirus is getting closer to home

To my knowledge, Malalane had the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Mpumalanga. That was a few weeks ago already. Recently, two employees of one of our supermarkets in town tested positive for the virus and all the employees were sent home to self-isolate. Subsequently, management chose to close the store for two weeks because of operational issues. This is the supermarket we do our grocery shopping. The supermarket Steven visited on Sunday morning as well as the week before.



All of a sudden, it feels like there is a bit of a crack in our safe bubble here in Kruger. Steven always takes all the necessary precautions when he goes to town and washes his hands thoroughly when he comes home. So my common sense tells me we will be fine. But my inner voice cannot help but worry a bit about each cough, sneeze or wheeze that comes from any of the four of us.



In order to clear my head, I went for a bit of a run on the bridge today. We all love going to the bridge, but there is always so many people and traffic that it feels a bit unsafe. Today, I had the whole bridge to myself.



After 14 days of lock-down during the Coronavirus pandemic, I should be used to seeing the bridge empty by now. But it still was a very surreal experience not to have to worry about passing cars. Not to have the noise of car engines drown out the sounds of the birds. Not to hear any human voices.



It was beautiful and good for the soul to be out for a bit. A hippo died upstream from us in front of Pestana Kruger.  And I could see lots of crocodiles on the carcass and making their way to the carcass. (Steven thinks it died in a territorial fight).



I marvelled at the variety of birds I could see on either side. Pied kingfishers, Giant Kingfishers, Black-winged stilt, Thick knees, Three-banded plovers, Darters, Cattle egrets, Great white egrets, Little egrets and green-backed herons just to name a few.



The sunlight streamed down from an opening in the clouds and highlighted the green on the northern bank of the river. One of those moments you try and capture on camera, but no picture will ever do it justice. That is when I went back home to get Steven, Alex and Jack. They could also do with some exercise on the bridge.


the Bridge at Malalane Gate
Stunning and good for the soul!

Alex loved riding his bike without me constantly reminding him to be careful of the cars. Jack ran the length of the bridge with me four times! They will sleep well tonight!! And if I just listen to my common sense and not to the part of me that is a little bit scared of this invisible Coronavirus, so will I.


23 thoughts on “On Lock-Down inside Kruger National Park – Day 14

  1. Hi Linda,

    Al jouw blogs vind ik heerlijk om te lezen. Zeker ook omdat ik je 1x keer (als vriendin van GertJan) heb ontmoet en ik daarom jullie gezichten ook voor me kan halen.
    De blogs hiervoor waren heerlijk maar je lock down blogs zijn zalig. Zou bijna bij jullie in je lock down bubbel willen zitten. Misschien zelf een beetje jaloers op al je avonturen ?

    Bedankt voor het schrijven. Ik blijf zeker lezen

  2. Hi Linda,

    Al jouw blogs vind ik heerlijk om te lezen. Zeker ook omdat ik je 1x keer (als vriendin van GertJan) heb ontmoet en ik daarom jullie gezichten ook voor me kan halen.
    De blogs hiervoor waren heerlijk maar je lock down blogs zijn zalig. Zou bijna bij jullie in je lock down bubbel willen zitten. Misschien zelf een beetje jaloers op al je avonturen ?

    Bedankt voor het schrijven. Ik blijf zeker lezen !

  3. The park is lookin g so beautiful and with that there must surely be lots of good grazing for winter. Stay safe.

  4. Hang in there Linda Praying for you and your loved ones this will pass God is faithful and will protect us. I love your blogs and all the other adventures that you post. Keep safe and when this is over will try to make a turn there to meet you. Love. Mary Ann

  5. Hi Linda
    Thanks for the daily updates. It’s really scary to know that the virus is so close. Take care of yourselves.

  6. Enjoy your beautiful life in Malelane while you have it almost to yourselves & may you all be blessed with protection against the virus.

    thank you for your inspiring updates, they keep us going

    stay safe

  7. So sad it has hit home, my girl. The only way anyone could possibly be untouched would be to not have anyone or any animal on this earth to love – and so we are actually lucky (hey, dear God?) Hou die blink kant bo, Linda, you continue to be the family you are, you cannot do more than that. Believe.

  8. What a wonderful feeling it must have been to run the bridge a few times Linda, and it looks so beautiful – your description put me right there for a few precious moments. I’m sorry the virus has come so close to you, it is nerve – wracking, especially when you have kids: all will be well; your’re all healthy and relaxed and keeping that social distance so stay positive and stay safe. x

    1. Hi Sal!!! How are you keeping during all of this? It was great being out for a bit but ja I cannot help but worry☺️ please look after yourself! Hope to see you again soon!!

      1. I’m well and busy with various interests thanks. My biggest frustration is not being able to walk. We have deliveries from pharmacy and supermarket here, so no real need to go out except for a flu injection.Very weird seeing the empty streets and listening to the silence! Id rather listen to your form of silence really 🙂 Maybe see you next year, as this year is not going to happen – look forward to that . Take care.

  9. Fantastiese foto van die brug af. My kleinkinders geniet dit net so baie om al die krokodille, seekoeie en visse in die rivier te sien, terwyl ek die groot verskeidenheid voëls afmerk net soos julle gesien het. Pas gehoor grendeltyd verleng tot 30 April. Julle gaan nog baie oefen op die brug en ons in ons agterplaas. Daar is ons wildtuinvakansie ook daarmee heen. Wanneer gaan ons en ons kleinkinders ooit weer daardie mooi uitsig van die brug af ervaar. Bly veilig en geniet mekaar en die wildtuin. Ons sien uit na die volgende “post”. Groete vanuit Lindley.

  10. A great piece of writing Linda and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your concerns, soul food & family experiences. Your inner voice also echoes in our ears. Around the world we too listen for common sense, find solace in nature. Your daily blog is the first thing I read in the morning with my coffee and rusk (yes, here in NZ a Kruger tradition lives on).
    Best wishes to you all, the blessings and joys of Easter,
    Cecily in New Zealand

  11. Hey Linda,hope u n ur family r fine..I cud sense the thoughts wich comes in a mother n a wife for her family’s well being…coz I myself is dealing with it everyday..Be positive n stay calm,,N yes,Thanx for sharing beautiful pictures of KNP from the bridge..Loved the calmness in the nature around…Bye..n stay calm n Happy?

  12. Yes Linda so sad. But lets pray we all get through this without being affected Love your blog. It kweeps us sane.

  13. I just can imagine where the boys are playing ! It’s so emotional for me to imagine your boys ridind bicycle on this bridge ! When we entered KNP through this bridge, our hearts were beating so fast !!! I went on for formalities while my husband calmly smoked watching the river ( the last cigarette ! ) ! Formalities for entry are women’s business ? So many souvenirs at Malalane Gate ! Maybe my eyes caught one of you ! LOL . Maybe one day you will visit my blog and click on tag ” Afrique du sud ” to see scrapbooking pages & albums I made ! It’s not finish… to god’s will ! Thank you for the hapiness you give us to my husband an d I in this blog : I translate for him because his English is pooorer than mine ! LOL

  14. Hi Linda. Love your blog. The link was sent to me by a friend from ZA. She lives in Benoni and has a holiday home in Marloth. The first time I was there was in 2004 and the last time was last year (2019) in July. Everything was so dry then. We fed the animals. Mainly Zebra’s, Kudu’s and Warthogs. They came up on the stoep asking for food. I loved it there, but it was my last time I am sorry to say due to my health (I am 77).
    Groetjes uit Drenthe.

    1. Hoi Femmy! Wat leuk je berichtje! Ja de dieren in Marloth zijn super tam. Heel leuk! Bij dat je daar zulke goede herinneringen aan hebt!! Groetjes, Linda.

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