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On Lock-Down inside Kruger National Park – Day 10

Tales of the Trailcam

It is day 10 of the nation-wide lockdown. As of today, more than half we world population is locked-down in their homes. This is such a strange realisation. Last night, after we put Alex and Jack in bed, Steven and I sat outside for a bit more in the dark, listening to the bush sounds of the night.  The Thick-knees were calling as well as the Skops Owlet that we find in the jackal berry next to the fence.


All of a sudden, the motion sensor spotlight we have on the fence switched on. A young hyena took up centre stage in the middle of the spotlight. Quite possibly the one that made off with Stevens flip flop earlier in the week. The youngster walked right up to the gate. A gate, which had had a substantial gap under it up until the hyena made off with Steven’s shoe. After that Steven pulled the fence tighter and managed to get the left portion of the gate to close properly again, without a hyena crawl-space underneath.


Access denied!!! I could almost see the disappointment on the young hyena’s face as he stood there for a few minutes contemplating his next move. Then his attention turned to the trail camera that was on the front gate! It was just on hyena eye level! Both Steven and I were whispering: please don’t eat the camera, please don’t eat the camera… Thank goodness he left it alone after which Steven put it up out of hyena jaws way. (Losing two trail cameras to hyenas is more than enough, thank you very much!)


The past couple of days have been relatively quiet animal sightings wise. Of course, we had that stunning elephant herd come past, which is always a treat. Elephant days are good days! So this morning I thought it would be nice to get the footage from the Trail Cameras. Also to see if we caught the naughty hyena on camera.

I upload all of our trailcam videos on our YouTube channel as episodes of our blog series “Tales of the Trailcam”. Feel free to check out our channel for lots more trailcam video’s and to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any.  I am also an admin of a group on Facebook called Trailcamming in Southern Africa. If you enjoy these videos, feel free to join our group.

7 thoughts on “On Lock-Down inside Kruger National Park – Day 10

  1. A hello from Reunion island ( near Mauritius ) where we are locked down too ! . I just discovered randomly your blog today and I subscribed at once not to miss your posts. My husband and I are french ( Reunion is a french island ) and we do love Kruger : every year for 1 – – week – only ! – we come to Kruger and you know what ? our favourite entrance is Malelane !! Thank you for these marvellous and amazing posts of yours and congratulations for your awards : you widely deserve it !!! I’m fond of scrapbooking and I have done so many albums out of Kruger !
    Take care of you and your family and thanks for the pleasure I will take Following you in your wild but so dazzling life ! Drinking a ” ti punch ” to your health !

    1. Bonjour!!
      Thank you so much for your lovely message! I am very pleased to hear my blog made it all the way to Reunion.
      I hope you all stay safe on that side! Look after yourselves and Kruger cannot wait to see you again!

  2. Hallo Linda,
    thanks for your great blog. I found it two days before.
    Love regards from “half locked down Germany”….
    We are a family in love with South Africa, looking forward to visit this year in August. Everything is arranged, but now this shit Corona. I´m looking all days to your news and numbers of Corona infected people. Wish you all the best in this world crisis.
    But it´s so nice to see the pictures and videos from the wild. Your place is always in my heart.
    Say some greeting to all the animals and people from Kruger. With love

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