Trailcam Tragedy and Tickbite Fever

“Bad News, my lovie…” Is what Steven told me when he got back from trail a few weeks ago. “Is it my Trailcam?” I asked. “I am afraid so.” “Is it gone?” “It is gone my angel, I am so sorry… the hyena’s got hold of it.”


And so they did. Steven followed the hyena tracks (apparently there were loads) for a few hundred meters but to no avail. He asked his colleagues to keep an eye out for it, but we were worried we might never see it again.


The following Saturday, Steven’s colleague Moses came to the house. He had a big smile on his face as he gave Steven something. I couldn’t see what it was at first, but when Steven said: YOU FOUND IT!! I recognised the item formerly known as my trailcam!!!


Oh my. It was in terrible shape. It was only the top half that Moses found about 50 meters from the tree it had been on. And it was badly chewed up. The casing chewed open and unfortunately, there was a big chunk of the memory card missing too.

After giving Moses a big hug for bringing it back to us, I rushed inside to check if I could somehow retrieve the footage on the memory card. But when I put it in my card reader, nothing happened. It was dead as a doornail.


Until last week that is, when a friend of mine opened up the SD card a bit more, found that the chip inside was still intact and tried it on a different type of card reader. “I got some video’s here…” He said. Can you imagine my excitement when he showed me the files?? It was so much fun looking at all the footage Steven got in the two trails leading up to the final destruction of my camera!


There is some stunning footage and sounds of animals drinking. Now it is winter there hardly is any water in the veld. So the waterhole where Steven placed the camera is a big attraction to all sorts of animals. Have a look at the video I compiled. The first part of the video has the wrong date on it. I kept forgetting to reset the date and time after recharging the batteries. If you happen to recognise the place, please do not mention it for the safely or our animals!



So that is it. The last footage my Trailcam got. No doubt about the guilty party;-)


As I described on our Facebook Page, I have been suffering from extreme FOMO, not being able to see what walks past our front gate at night. Luckily Paul and Susan Eslick offered to lend us their Bushnell Trail camera (with steel box)!! Thank you so much, Paul and Susan! Next ‘Tales of the Trailcam’ is courtesy of the two of you!


Steven has not been able to use Paul and Susan’s camera much since it arrived. He has been down with a severe case of tick bite fever and all sorts of complications. (Bushveld living is not for sissies) Luckily my dear husband is tough as nails. He went back on trail on Sunday. Let’s see what Tales our borrowed camera has to tell when he gets home on Saturday!


Have a lovely week everyone!


Xxx, Lin


19 thoughts on “Trailcam Tragedy and Tickbite Fever

  1. Almost losing this footage makes it extra special. Lovely to watch, so many different animals.

    Glad to hear Steven is getting better. Tick bit fever is miserable. My daughter got it at the age of 7. Not diagnosed correctly for about 10 days and she was sooooo tired and miserable. Long time ago but never forgotten.
    Look forward to more stories and videos.

  2. Oh yay! You are back to blogging! I’ve soooo missed those blogs! I’m so sorry about the trailcam – I cam just imagine how you are missing it. Poor trailcam, it really looks very battered, but so lucky that Moses found it and you were able to extract some film.Those wretched hyaenas. . . . How very kind and generous of the Eslicks to lend you theirs. I loved the footage – very special – and enjoyed the sound of slurping water too. Hope Steven is fully recovered . I’m really enjoying the marula jelly by the way – thanks again for that.

  3. Super cool….so nice to see the footage…I think we all live vicariously through you guys!

  4. Mr Kudu sounds like someone’s oupa sipping coffee without his false teeth!! Interesting to see how alert the animals are to the slightest sounds even with no people there. The hyena seemed particularly skittish when it went to drink

    1. I also noticed that. Can only attribute it to the possibility of a crocodile lurking in the water? Or when the animals have their heads down to drink they cannot scan their immediate surroundings for danger?

  5. I think those of us that love your trailcam footage so much should start a fund to buy you a new one with a protective case. I don’t know how to go about this but if anyone does and they think it’s a good idea could they help get it started.

    1. Hi Trish!

      That is such a sweet idea, thank you so much!
      Ed Barker and his wife generously offered to buy me a new trail cam! They are bringing it with from the US this week. Need to devise a plan to make a box for it and then we are good to go! We have some great and good-hearted followers! Very grateful to all of you!

  6. Thank you for the video..actually I nearly stopped breathing while I is great!!! glad for you and your husband he is well again. I know what a tickbyte means..still suffer after many years because it was to late when I went to the doctor and now the bacterys are still in my blood.

  7. Linda I’’ m so happy this footage was saved… and perhaps more???!!! Keep those to yourself to enjoy. Love this blog, your special people with an extraordinary life. “Stevie” hierdie baaibroek mense dink Baie aan jou.
    Groetjes, Louise en Hw

  8. Hi there, good to hear from you again!
    Very nice last footage, enjoyed watching it , glad to hear Steven is better, enjoy your winter while we enjoy our summer! Groetjes Marguerithe

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