Our son and a tortoise in our garden at the gate

A week of garden invasions…

We have had quite a busy week in our garden there at the gate! I thought our garden would be a bit less appealing to all our animal neighbours after the bit of rain we had. But nothing seems to be further from the truth.


Last week I posted a few pictures on our Facebook page of the damage an elephant cow and calf caused to my sansevierias. It was not until later that day I realized that these two elephants caused a lot more damage than just my mother in law’s tongues during their garden invasion. Firstly, they had come over the fence between our garden and that of Steven’s office. Which left the fence in a floppy mess. Then they had a good munch of the aloes that are next to the tap. To finally make their way to my kudu lilies that are right against the house.


Incredibly, the cow and calf left all my veggies in one piece. If my neighbour had not spotted the elephants in our garden that would have sealed my vegetable’s fate. I am sure of it. But they are still here!

Well at least some of them are! I harvested some of the radishes. I was so extremely proud to eat something that grew in my own garden! Guess what: I do not like radishes! I forgot how peppery and bitter they are! So I left a few of them in the veggie patch. The monkeys found those and pulled a few out. I found a radish with only one bite missing and the rest was discarded right where the monkeys had pulled them out. I guess monkeys don’t like radishes either!


Monkey damage to my radishes
What was left of my radishes;-)

The day after the two elephants were in the garden and the monkeys ate the radishes, I found quite an interesting animal in the garden. A tortoise was about to climb into my veggie patch! I have no idea how he got in because I checked the bottom of the whole fence after one got in a few weeks ago. Where there was a bit of space under the fence, I put a few rocks to make sure they don’t get trapped inside the garden. I think I will have to go check again!

Lepard tortoise in our garden in Kruger National Park
The leopard tortoise that was eyeing my vegetables!

I gently escorted the tortoise off the premises. He seemed reluctant to go after finding the “mother lode” of greeneries. I could not help but laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time as he patrolled up and down our gate trying to find a way back inside.


So it appears all creatures big and small love our garden! Making a nice garden here is going to be more of a challenge than I thought!;-)



6 thoughts on “A week of garden invasions…

  1. I find the way that you interact and learn about the African wild animals. Good to see how you enjoy the experience. After all, they have been here long before us, it is their territory. The tortoise must have some sense of direction guided by smell or something else seeing that it want to return to your veggies.

  2. Yes, you certainly have a few extra challenges in maintaining a garden! Here am I muttering at moles and sniping at stinkbugs and you have to deal with everything from elephant to tortoise on the garden feeder scale! nevertheless your veggie garden looks great and very cared for, I hope you can ultimately keep all those lovely veggies growing. I also grow my own and there is nothing like picking from the garden to eat for the next meal. Would love to have seen that monkey’s face when it bit into the radish!

    1. Haha me too, Sal! If it was anything like my face, it must have been a look of pure horror!
      I am sure moles and stinkbugs are harder to get rid of than the odd tortoise or elephant! But I agree that eating something from your own garden is extremely gratifying.

  3. Thinly sliced radishes with coleslaw and a oriental dressing are delicious. Love your blog, and can’t wait for my next trip.

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