Baby elephant hiding under mommy in Kruger National Park

A naughty overnight visitor

So the kids woke up very early this morning. I think the first time I heard Jack it was 4:22 am… Now I am and have always been a morning person, but that is not morning, that is still the middle of the night! Sigh. I gave jack his dummy and tucked him back in. It is cold this morning! Winter is definitely here! Jack fell asleep quickly again, but he woke up his brother, who did not want to go back to sleep. At all. So we watched a bit of Madagascar in my big warm cozy bed until the sun was up.


Jack woke up at the much more reasonable time of 6:30 so we all got dressed and went to the living room. I didn’t notice immediately, but when I was looking at what the Vervet monkeys were up to around our dustbins (they do the rounds in the staff village every morning to see if someone perhaps did not close their dustbin properly..), I saw some damage to the garden….

damage caused by the elephant
some of the damage to our trees

Now I posted a live video of an elephant eating a few shrubs in my neighbor’s yard on our Facebook page yesterday. That particular elephant seems to be very relaxed around the houses in the staff village. I have seen him around quite a few times. Well, it seems like this elephant ( I can only imagine it was him) took a shine to some of the trees in our yard and paid us a little visit last night…

Elephant droppings in the yard
Elephant droppings in our yard

I have been walking around the house to try and figure out where he came in. I think he stepped over the fence that was already damaged on the one side and then went to town on some of the trees and scrubs in the garden. He must have done a full lap around the house because I am finding his tracks everywhere!! He even left us a nice present, before flattening the fence at the back of the house and disappearing back into the bush. Of course, there is no sign of him anywhere this morning!!

flattened fence where the elephant walked out
Fence down!

Shame I cannot help but laugh. This elephant is definitely naughty!! I found his tracks on the driveway where he must have squeezed himself between my car and the trailer. Luckily the only damage is to the trees and the fence. The car and trailer are fine.


I am off to camp to report my downed fence. I hope they can come and fix it soon before my kids figure out that they can climb over the fence and escape. Or the hyena comes in tonight and tries to steal our dustbin. That has happened before! I wrote a story about naughty hyena’s in a previous blog called The day it snowed in the staff village.

Never a dull moment in the bush;-)


Have a lovely day all!!


5 thoughts on “A naughty overnight visitor

  1. Oh dear. Haha. Gardening will be a futile exercise there. ?? That elephant is crazy. Hope they fix your fence soon, so you don’t have to worry about your kids?

    1. Hi Liza! Haha yes, apart from dragging the torn off branches out of the yard, I maar left the rest. I can use the poop as fertiliser or something;-) Will keep and extra close eye on the boys when they are outside. My oldest likes to ‘explore’….

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