A lioness at the house!

A Lioness at the House!!

One of my favourite things to do when I get home after picking up the boys from school at the end of the day is to have a little glass of wine and watch the sunset. It is so beautiful in front of our garden at the moment. And sitting outside by our front door watching the Kruger, our backyard, is so relaxing!


On one afternoon last week, I had just walked outside with my sparkling wine when I heard the impala’s snorting in alarm. Not only were the impala’s alarm calling, but so were the squirrels and the francolins. Something was up! There was definitely a predator in the area.


I called Steven who was inside putting a story on for the boys. “Come let’s go and see” he said after listening to the impala’s and he started walking. I wasn’t exactly dressed for a walk in the bush, but followed my husband out the gate wearing my long red dress and flip-flops, glass of wine in hand.

A lioness at the House!
Not exactly dressed for a walk in the park;-)

We weren’t even 15 meters from the house when Steven said: “What is that?” And he pointed at a yellowish, tawny shape about 100 meters ahead of us. I immediately saw what he meant. It stood out clearly in the midst of all the green. Mmmm, it was a bit hard to see what it was at first. Could be an impala? But why were all the impala’s snorting then…? And then I saw what it was. “That, my lovie, is a lioness!!”


The lioness stood there looking at us while we were standing still looking at her. Then our neighbour and his friend came up behind us. They had also heard the impalas and saw us out in the veld looking at something. The movement of the two young men behind me spooked the lioness and she ran away. Luckily they had a glimpse of her before she bolted.


“How cool was that! A lion so close to the house!” Excitement all round. Steven pointed at a termite mount to our left. “Let’s quickly see if we can still see her from there.” He said. The three of us followed Steven closely as we made our way there. I have walked many kilometres in Kruger, but felt like a fish out of water now having to hike up my dress with my one hand and my still untouched glass of wine in the other.


The termite mount we climbed on top of is clearly visible from our house and I have often wondered what the view would be like from up there. Well, it did not disappoint. We had a stunning view of the area around the house from there! I looked back at the house and was amazed at how close to our home that lioness had actually been. We definitely need to keep a close eye on our boys with our gate still busted and unable to close.

A lioness at the house
View of our Home from the Termite mount

We had left in such a hurry that none of us had thought to bring any binoculars. This made it a bit difficult to spot the lioness again, but eventually I saw her lying down under a bush. She had not moved far when she ran, and she looked quite relaxed. Which was a good thing, because apart from the little knobkerrie our neighbour brought, we had nothing to defend ourselves with.

A lioness at the house!
Knobkerrie in hand!

Then another movement from the left caught my eye. It was a hyena! A hyena on a mission! She was walking in the direction of the lioness, occasionally standing still to sniff the air. We were all anticipating a confrontation between the lion and the hyena, but instead, the hyena rushed forward, picked up a half eaten impala carcass that we did not know was there, and disappeared with it’s prize. The lioness had just lost her kill!



The sun was slowly making its way to the horizon behind us. And I sommer had my glass of wine right there on top of the termite mount, taking in how lush and green the bush looked after all the rain we had in the past few weeks. We truly live in a magical and wild place! A place where you can see the big five from the house! And we will never, ever take that for granted!

16 thoughts on “A Lioness at the House!!

  1. I think you have a very very amazing life in the Kruger! I am just wondering that you are allowed to walk free like that.
    Everyone is not allowed to get out of their cars but you are walking around, I don’t understand that point because it is dangerous.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Lynette, I understand your question.
      You are right. Tourists are not allowed to get out of their cars at all. And for good reason!
      We are also not allowed to just go walk around the park for hours and hours without asking permission from the section ranger.
      But that day we were literally 70 meters from our house. Steven has been a ranger in the park for almost 20 years. He knows the bush like the back of his hand. And after our sighting, we immediately went home.

  2. Can’t click on the pics to see them any bigger – pity. On my own site I upload my pics to my site and publish them then when you click on them you see a larger version without having to go through the Pinterest hoops….but other than that what a great story!

    1. Hi Erik! How do you upload your pics? In WordPress I just press add media and add a photo. Do you add them as a gallery or how does that work?
      The pinterest button is just there for people to pin. And for me;-)

  3. What a wonderful sighting! Wow. I’m just imagining walking in the bush in a long dress, glass of sparkly in hand, in search of a lioness . . . . What a lovely Christmas present. Considering you have small children I”m a bit surprised that SANParks hasn’t come to the party and fixed your gate though 🙁

    Thanks Linda, your stories are always such a breath of fresh air (um, yes, fresh Kruger air . . . 🙂 )

    1. Hi Sal!
      We keep reporting the gate. Really hoping they will come and fix it soon!
      Haha that dress will from now on be known as the lion dress!;-)

  4. Wow Linda, Steven and boys, You are so lucky and make me very envious. I am getting withdrawal symptoms and missing KNP. Best Regards, Ray

  5. Hi! What an awesome story to wake up to here in frosty Ontario, Canada. And I believe you were dressed perfectly for the event. Thanks for posting!

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